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10 feb. 2012

EM's Quadra Pages

Welcome to my Quadra 700 pages!


This is a collection of information and links concerning the Macintosh Quadra 700. Some of this info will also be useful for people with other Macs from the early 90s and for people emulating a Quadra with BasiliskII on a modern computer. Especially Quadra 900, Mac IIci and Mac IIcx users might find some nugget of relevant info, since the hardware of these machines resemble the Quadra 700 a lot. The Macintosh IIcx and IIci use the same case design as the Quadra 700 and can be upgraded to a Quadra by switching out the motherboard. The Quadra 900 was released at the same time as the 700 as its big brother and lives in a larger case, but is otherwise very similar to the 700.

I wrote these pages in HTML with Simple Text on the Quadra 700 for maximum compatibility with older browsers and minimum load times. All pictures are kept relatively small in size for the same reasons. Sometimes less really is more. If some letters look strange, you should set the character encoding in your browser to "ISO Latin 1", "Western European" or some other name indicating the "iso-8859-1" encoding.

The dates in paranthesis after a link is when I updated the page lastly, in dd.mm.yyyy format. I think I might have the newest pages on the internet designed on a Quadra 700. Of course, I also have my WordPress blog, but I want to keep these pure HTML pages for people using older browsers and slow connections. I am not hosting these pages myself on the Quadra (it might possibly be done with MkLinux and the LAMP stack if the machine's RAM is maxed), but the excellent Transmit FTP program let me upload it to my web hotel.

All blog content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0.