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Think Freely GNU Guix Background Wallpaper

Rapid Photo Downloader Error on Wayland on Arch

Maximize screen real estate

Offline dictionary lookups within Emacs

Road photography

Demonstration for Ukraine



Swan family and friends

I Love Free Software Day

Elfeed with useful scripts

Vim vs Emacs for fast text editing

Emacs text-editing cheat sheet

I now use org-static-blog to create this blog

In support of Ukraine

Second wave


Broken wings

A Värmlandesque evening

Bells and spears

Shine a light

A sailor's tale


Migration to Hugo

Grunnstøtt (Aground)


A script to play radio streams through mpv

Og lyset skinner i mørket

Det blir bra

Emulating a G4 Mac on GNU/Linux

My minimal Sway desktop


The road to the future

Lista lighthouse

Don't step on my heart

My Openbox Desktop

How to install Steam on Ubuntu

The North Sea



Blue sunset


Bow and arrow

Borhaug in sunset

Moon Blue

North Sea Sky and the lighthouse

Lillehavn and Under

From Molde to Bergen

Western Norway summed up

Under himmelen er skyene alltid grå

On the way North to Trondheim



Friends and flower

Beneath the cliff

Flowers by the North Sea


Reasons I have deleted my Facebook account

Ms Havesham's rose

A selfie of sorts

Bird on fjord in fog


How to calibrate the screen on a Thinkpad X230 on Linux

The advantages of Linux seen from a Mac user's perspective

MacOS 9 in QEMU on GNU/Linux

How to scale LibreOffice to work better on the M10 FHD Ubuntu tablet

Fun with the iBook Clamshell G3 300MHz

How to watch YouTube channels in gPodder

How to use an Apple remote with KODI on Ubuntu on an Intel NUC

Second impressions of Ubuntu touch on the BQ M10

Making Lubuntu 16.04 more pixel efficient

Folkeskolens Kokebok

The netbook - a cheap and flexible alternative in the tablet and ultrabook age


Music Bio

Ubuntu 14.04 on MacBook 2,1 (late 2006) and how to get iSight working

Dependent clauses

How to bring Rhythmbox radio streams from one computer to another

How to switch between programs on different workspaces in Ubuntu (with Unity)

The Mac is dead, long live the Mac!

Notation in Telemann's Sonata for Treble Viol, TWV41:G6

Things to do to get the most out of Debian Wheezy

English links

How to add drivers for the Asus EeePC 1015PEM in Debian Wheezy

Fix Alt Tab in Lubuntu

Inside Macintosh Quadra 700 or Essential upgrades

Why i switched to Ubuntu from Lubuntu on my netbook

How to import Mac OS X Adress Book contacts in Thunderbird

How to sync podcasts between a Mac and Linux computer

How to sync files between computers securely and fast

Free sheet music on the internet

Music links

How to get the Ubuntu software Centre in Lubuntu

How to get rid of tap to click in Lubuntu, LXLE, MintPPC,

Lubuntu 12.04 on an iBook Clamshell 300 MHz

Macintosh Quadra 700 hardware specifications

Sleipnir på norsk og svensk

Where to find software online for the Macintosh Quadra 700

Which operating system software to use on the Quadra 700

Essential additional hardware

Network Time setup for Central European Time with summer time

EM's Quadra Pages

Beste nettleser for Mac OS 10.3.X?

Bachs sonate for gambe og cembalo på cello?

Nytt liv i legendarisk maskin

Finne noter på nettet

PDF-verktøy for Mac OS X og noter


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