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Where to find software online for the Macintosh Quadra 700

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This is a list of links to sites where software comaptible with a Quadra might be found. I will add to it when I discover new sites, so this list will hopefully grow with time. Most of the software is useable on any Mac (or emulator) running System 7 or Mac OS 8. There are also some System 6 programs that might be usable in System 7 and 8. For use with a Quadra, the software must either be "68k" or "Fat Binary". "68k" indicates that the program is coded for 680x0-processors used in the early Macs. "Fat Binary" means that the program has code for both 680x0 and Power PC processors. "PPC" programs will only run on Macs with a Power PC prosessor.

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