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31 mars 2014

Dependent clauses

Being a student of English grammar, (non-finite ing-clause) which I find interesting, (adjectival relative clause, non-restrictive) having found (non-finite ing-clause) that it is necessary to compile a list (nominal that-clause) describing the different types and functions of dependent clauses, (non-finite ing-clause) to be presented to my fellow students at a get-together tomorrow, (non-finite infinitive clause) before the fast approaching exam, (adjunct adverbial clause) and being inclined towards freedom of information, (non-finite ing-clause) therefore making available (non-finite ing-clause) what I have found in the form of a list (nominal relative clause) that may be viewed and saved by cliking here (HTML) or here (Kabikaboo) (adjectival relative clause, restrictive) if anyone should be interested in it, (nominal clause, inderect question) I am who is responsible for writing this dribble. (nominal relative clause) (Complex sentence)

(The list looks best viewed in Kabikaboo, a notetaking program for Linux and Windows, but the HTML lets you see the content, sadly without the nice structure Kabikaboo shows.)

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