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13 feb. 2020

My Openbox Desktop

Update 2022: I no longer want my videos on external sites because you newer know if they are going to stay up. Instead, I now keep my media on my webserver and the link sends you there instead.

I used to use LXDE and later LXQt as my desktop environment on Linux, but recently, I have switched to the Openbox Window Manager instead. I made a video about how I use it that I uploaded to LBRY. There are lots of videos of how people use tiling WMs. Most videos with Openbox uses it in a #!-inspired way with tint2 and conky, but since my use of it is quite different, I thought I would share how I use it and maybe someone might be inspired to use it the same way.

In the video, I don't go into the rc.xml since the default is quite good and I have only added a few things to get volume keys and brightness keys to work in addition to a few keyboard shortcuts, but I show how you can use synapse for launching apps through the keyboard and stalonetray for a systemtray in the built in "dock" feature of Openbox.

Link to video here.

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