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Fun with the iBook Clamshell G3 300MHz

I made some videos in 2016 about fun things you can do with an iBook Clamshell G3 300MHz like switch out the hard drive with a CF-card, max the RAM and install Debian 7 on it. I orginally posted these videos to vid.me and later when they disappeared moved on to LBRY and Odyssee. Since I have room to spare on my website and this is a place I have control over myself, I thought I'd post them here now.

In the first video, I show how you can install Debian 7 on the iBook. In the second video I show you how I maxed the RAM and exchanged the ancient and clicking hard drive in my Blueberry iBook with a CF-card and CF-to ATA board. In the third video, I show how the iBook runs after the upgrades from the second video.

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