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17 nov. 2013

English links


  • Online etymology dictionary – A dictionary that explains where words come from, what they used to mean and when they were first used.
  • Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary – with pronunciation and thesaurus, UK and US spellings, examples of use etc. – on paper and as an app in the iOS and Google Play store
  • Urban Dictionary, Colloquial urban English and slang. (Often too saucy to be safe for work, so be cautious.)

Online learning resources

Radio Streams

News and entertainment

  • BBC news – News from all over the world from the British Broadcasting Corporation. Also with entertainment, culture, science, technology and other news.
  • IMDB – Internet movie database. Full of information about films, series, producers, composers and actors
  • The New York Times – News from the United States of America and beyond

Some commendable podcasts in English on different subjects

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